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you were all too busy smoking crack....(from the official site)

JUNE 15th 2004

Get your teeth into this!

Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope is finally being released on vinyl! Relapse will be releasing it as a picture disc on the 8th of August. Relapse are now taking preorders

The PCP Torpedo remixes have been finished, the upcoming rerelease on Hydrahead will be on two discs, the first being the PCP Torpedo EP, and the second being the remixes

The ANb / Isis split and ANb / Jesu split releases have been cancelled

Honkey Reduction has had remixed and remastered sound for the upcoming rerelease, no date yet though

The 2cd discography is still in the works, sit tight

The next time the members of ANb get together it will be to record their next full length!

Thats all for now, expect updates here and there around the site as the month goes by, the webmaster email has been screwed up these past two months, sorry to anyone who mailed, its all back to normal now.
can't wait to get that fuckin picture disc, hopefully it won't meet the same fate as my DEP one. and i thought honky reduction was already re-remastered and re-released....what the fuck do i know though. sucks about the isis split being cancelled.....
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