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Randall SexDeathDrugCul(n)t, PO Box 487 Waco, TX
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This community is for all Agoraphobic Nosebleed fans, but especially those obsessed with the neo-messiah that is Jay Randall. The main lyricist and vocalist of ANb, Jay writes some of the most profound, disgustingly blunt(ha ha), amazing lyrics of his time. Most people would dismiss his work as uninspired, bullshit stoner babble. I personally think he's a genius in his own right.

Also, fans of Pig Destroyer, Prosthetic Cunt, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, Drugs of Faith, Enemy Soil, etc.

This community brought to you by CIA crack money, third-world sweatshop labor and the letter "Ǽ".

Moderated, Created & Masturbated by curbstomp

die for oil jesus

oh silent aum shinrikyo release your pearl harbor necklace to choke these american assassins of americans.

anthrax contaminated drug supplies, household pets destroyed for being possible disease carriers, people shitting themselves to death from sarin gas, q-fever and cosmetic makeup.

this is the end- not our pockets being picked by fucking traitors and some well paid pasty arab playing an idiotic john wayne versus the sand nigger tribute to a dying economy and way of life forever.

blowing up financial institutions to cloud the eyes with tears.

the world watching and weeping to this humiliation and all too obvious bullshit. transfer funds and run away- hero, killer, leader of men and example of shivas power when people begin to die everywhere.

characters and events, a population of impostors, potential allies and enemies decimated at the close of the human universe.

lord shiva spare me, for i am a simple beast.