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Scott Hulk speaks on gear...

Thought this would be interesting to any other gearhead PxDx/ANb fans like myself. Taken from the PxDx forum:

I know, what a confusing mess eh? I DID endorse ESP guitars, until the AR leadership changed and I decided the ESP guitars weren't really my thing. There was a brief possibility of going with BC Rich (see the upcoming Gravedancer video), but ultimately I think I'm going with the kind folks over at Jackson. They are making guitars to my specs. MUCH better than just having a bunch of shitty free guitars thrown at you.

For amps. . .I couldn't possibly endorse Crate any higher! I only really recently discovered the wonderment of the old Ampeg solid state guitar heads (ss-150, vh-140c) that bands like Suffocation, Assuck, Eyehategod, Dying Fetus, Death, Misery Index, etc etc have built their sound on and have scoured Ebay picking these things up. Sparky from MI told me he had tracked down some folks at St. Louis Music (the parent company for Crate, Ampeg) who told him they put the same circuitry into a new Crate head. Low and behold, I finally tracked down the only man that should be awarded a nobel prize (of metal) for creating an amp, Thom Kieffer, who told me he put the guts of his VH/SS series ampeg amps into the new Crate GTX3500H head (a 350 watt mother fucker). Steve and Matt sent two right over and I only just used them for our first gigs last weekend. They not only sounded WAY more amazing than anything I'd ever used (I've had Triple Rec, Mesa MKIII, Marshall TSL 100, Sunns), but they were even louder than the 1000 watt GK/Mesa Triaxis configuration I have been using since PD started!

well, about %95 percent of the distortion is coming from the heads. I learned a really cool trick from Kurt W. from Crowbar, who told me he uses his metal zone with the gain all the way off and the eq at 12 o'clock in line with his head. Dialing back the gain on the Crate heads and putting the metal zone in the loop "customizes" the gain structure and allows me to put a gate in between the distortion coming from the pedal and the amp. It sounds fucking brutal.

outside of that, not much in the way of effects. A harmonist for octave stuff on tracks like "Terrifyer". that's it. I will probably get an MXR Blue Box for playing Starbelly live.

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